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Case Study


As an innovative product design company, Asterism infosoft pvt ltd headquartered in india must at the right time be noticeable to the right buyer. Asterism infosoft pvt ltd best opportunity to get in front of new buyers is through its website, apart from Information Technology, business conferences, and referrals.


To develop an effective keyword strategy that captured the decision-making of their buyers, the business team needed to understand Asterism infosoft pvt ltd target audience. Prismweblink Data Cube was used by AIS Media to assess which keyword opportunities would be most useful to their goals.


The platform had an 87.8 percent increase in Google-US page #1 rankings for these two keyword categories 12 months into the SEO campaign. Google’s first-page visibility also allowed Asterism infosoft pvt ltd to increase online market share, as measured by the Prismweblink Share of Voice tool. According to Krunal Dabhi, CEO at Asterism infosoft pvt ltd, their organic leads helped source and secure major client deals.

25% less CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

8452 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Asterism infosoft pvt ltd

Update appropriate unique e-business for high-yield low-risk initiatives. Communicate evolving knowledge internally until catalysts are based on values.

Keyword Research

Good site-specific keywords analysis and all local and global search criteria.

Website Analysis

Great website analysis according to the criteria of all search engine factors and algorithms.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of competitors on a daily basis and improvement of the website according to the demands of the strategy.

Backlink Building

Using high-level websites to connect Linkbuilding and create exclusive backlinks. Get great results from the ties to dofollow.